Financial Services that we offer

Management Audit

A management audit is an analysis and assessment of competencies and capabilities of a company's management to carry out corporate objectives. TA runs systematic examination of decisions and actions of the management of a company to analyze the performance.

Business Evaluation

Business valuation is the process of determining the economic value of a business or company. Business valuation can be used to determine the fair value of a business for a variety of reasons such as sale value and establishing partner ownership.

Cooprate Finance

Corporate finance is the division of a company that deals with financial and investment decisions. It majorly involves the financial aspect of businesses wherein sources of funds are determined, existing assets invested, excess profits distributed.

Business Plan Development

This is the process of developing a business plan aims at achieving goals set by the organization over a given period of time. It entails the following;Marketing and sales • Funding request,Financial projections,Executive summary,Company description,Market analysis,Organization and management,Service or product TA helps organizations develop an exemplary business plan.

Cooperate Restructuring

Restructuring is the process of rearranging the legal, ownership, operational, or other structures of an organization for the purpose of making it more profitable. It usually happens when a company or organization is facing significant problems and is in financial instability.


Arbitration is the exercise of bringing a business dispute before a disinterested third party for resolution. The third party, an arbitrator, hears the evidence brought by both sides and makes a decision. Occasionally that decision is binding on the parties. TA helps in dispute resolution procedure.

Forensics and due dilligence

This involves the process of producing information that enables the buyer and the seller to make more informed decisions and create a meeting of the minds, ensuring transparency and thereby limiting possible conflicts. TA provides general legal forensic services.

Venture Capitalist

Venture capital is a form of financing that is provided by firms or funds to small, early-stage, emerging companies that are considered to have high growth potential. A venture capitalist is an investor who either provides capital to startup ventures or supports small companies that wish to expand but do not have access to equities markets.

Audit and Investigation

Auditing is conducted to validate the level of truthfulness and fairness of the financial records of an institution whereas investigation is performed to prove a certain fact. The facts gained from audit process are influential. The nature of auditing carries a general examination while investigation has a critical nature. Audits may have financial or performance objectives.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies introduce technical development and project implementation. The goal of a feasibility study is to emphasize potential problems that could occur if one pursues a project and determine if, after considering all significant factors, the project is a good idea.