MUNENE FOOD COONECTIONS HOLDINGS LTD is a privately owned company, family run specialising in the import and export in the food industry worldwide. We are based in Kenya and Netherlands under FOOD CONNEXION WORLD WIDE B.V Our company are an international Trader company, which specializes in Export-Import of almost all types of frozen meats (Fish, Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Goose, Pork, Beef, Lamb, Horse, and etc.). We work in many directions. At the moment We buy products — In — Canada,USA,Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Turkey, EU (mainly in Poland, Germany and Belgium), Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Mongolia and China. We sell products — On —Transcaucasia, Middle Asia, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong and China, as well as some countries in Africa, the Middle East and other countries in Asia. We source and supply food products to our clients. Below is a list of some of the products we supply including the country of origin:

  • Cashew Nuts — Tanzania
  • Soya Beans- USA' Ukraine
  • Soya Beans Oil- Ukraine
  • Wheat Ukraine
  • Yellow Corn - Ukraine
  • Fish Products - Norway
  • Chicken Products - Ukraine
  • Tropical Fish - Suriname
  • Fish Fillets - Argentina
  • Beef Argentina
  • Pork - Belgium / Ukraine
  • Fruit - South Africa
  • Fish Fillets — Namibia
  • Maize- Brazil' Ukaraine
  • Suger- Brazil] Ukaraine