Structured Finance

Structured Finance.

Totalia Africa Limited is a private company registered in Nairobi Kenya and United Kingdom. We are a well-recognized provider of trade finance services. We provide our trade finance services from Banks and Financial Institutions (Approved List separately). We use our credit facility to issue each guarantee on behalf of our clients which are in the field of importing, exporting, Insurance, trading companies, and numerous stakeholders worldwide who are seeking to expand their business by gaining maximum advantage to their existing cash flow.

Totalia Africa Limited Provide:

1) Letters of Credit at Sight
2) Demand Guarantees
3) Usance Letters of Credit
4) Performance Guarantees
5) Standby Letters of Credit
6) Pre-Advice Message
7) Bank Guarantees
8) Comfort Letters
9) Performance Guarantees
10) Ready Willing and Able (RWA) Messages
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